Coin swap or reverse spit

Hello I am new here and looking at your site, it seems really great.
I wondered however how would you add or change a transaction when the original coin that someone bought was then later changed and you were given a new version of the coin but less - a sort of reverse spit situation ?

I had a look at “add transaction” but it did not really seem to cover such a thing, I was hoping there would be a transfer or swap type of option.

Any suggested way of adding this "reverse spit " type of event ?

Yeah you would do it on the add transaction page, right? On the left what it was and on the right what it became? I think anyway. The only stuff like that I did I think was (MCO → CRO), which I believe when I imported the wallet it did all the swap transactions for me…

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Thanks , yes very similar to myself, I had 1000 Lend at one point and they reduced the number of coins by a factor of 100 so I got 10 and changed their name to AAVE.