Coin tracker is recording a transaction as negative balance despite transaction being added

I imported CVS files from Nexo and Coinbase pro and only had one error pop up. All exchanges/wallets used have been added to my CoinTracker account.

I transferred 672.15 DOT from my Nexo wallet to Coinbase pro to sell it on the Coinbase Pro exchange (I was selling it at a loss for tax harvesting purposes and then buy it back and send it back to my Nexo wallet). So after transferring DOT to Coinbase Pro and selling it to US Dollars, I then bought back DOT with all that US Dollar money that I sold it for and transferred it back to Nexo on the same day (Dec 27). But for some reason, this message popped up: “This DOT transfer results in a negative DOT balance in Imported Wallet - Nexo.” It looks like this:

I am guessing it isn’t recording the 672.15 DOT that I sold once I transferred it from Nexo to Coinbase, so that when I sold it on Coinbase to buy back DOT again with those US Dollars and sent it from Coinbase Pro to Nexo, it didn’t record the first transaction where I sold my DOT to USD on Coinbase Pro.

After I sold my 672.15 DOT for USD, I bought it back, having 665.47 DOT. This is also recorded on CoinTracker with no error message like the first transaction.

So that is why I am guessing CoinTracker isn’t calculating the first amount of 672.15 DOT that I sold to USD to later buy back 664.47 DOT and transfer back to Nexus. So it seems it is saying my 672.15 DOT wallet is in negative balance? How do I rectify this? My Coinbase Pro has tracked the amount I sold my first DOT amount for to USD. So why is Cointracker not logging in the sale to USD before I bought the DOT back with the USD? Or is there something I am missing?