Coin wrongly identified in transactions

3 transactions in Kucoin were wrongly identified: The coin was identified as Unobtainium(Uno) but they should be identified as Uno Re (UNO).
Although I edited the correspondent transactions (substituting Unobtainium by UNO), my dashboard still reflects Unobtainium (which is wrong)!
How can this be corrected?

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Please, anyone can help me on this? This is leaving Cointracker unusable!

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I’m having a similar problem with a different coin (CATE). I used the API from Any help from support would be appreciated.


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I have the same problem with MIST and the difference between prices is very high, so it doesn’t reflect my actual balance…

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In my case it transforms the total value of that coin from 1000$ to 1Million$!!! This makes Cointracker completely wrong.

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Same problem…Any fix?

Hey folks, if anyone is still experiencing any token or token value not being tracked properly, please reach out to us via the contact us form. We’ll need information like:

  • Token/coin type
  • Transaction(s)
  • Exchange/source of transaction

Some tips to help us reach a quick resolution:

  • More information is better, please be as detailed as possible. Transaction dates, screenshots, URLs, etc are very helpful!
  • Please do not submit duplicate requests about the same issue (this actually slow things down considerably by pushing your first ticket down the queue).
  • If your case has resolved itself or you have more info to provide, reply to the email notification confirming your case was submitted and we’ll see your update.

Also, sometimes you can save yourself the work of creating a ticket by searching our known issues and feature requests board located here. Adding a vote to your bug or feature request will help tremendously with us prioritizing a resolution and you’ll be notified automatically once the fix or feature has been shipped.

Thanks everyone for you patience and understanding!

Yes, I’m still experiencing this issue. I already submitted a request on 25th October!