Coinbase account has a different value than Cointracker

Right now, coinbase says my value is $75.82 when cointracker says my coinbase value is $65.52. Why is there such a large discrepancy for a low balance?

Cound be a number of reasons. Would have to see the holdings in each to compare, but make sure they show the same holdings all the way down all the decimal points. If they’re right, it may just be from a difference on when exactly the price is checked. Though a spread like this on that value does seem off.

Is it just one thing (like btc, or eth) or do you have a range of things?

It looks like it’s not picking up on Celo (CGLD)

Interesting. Same here. If I go to wallets, I don’t see it. If I hit “show low balances” and expand, I do see Celo at $0.00 with x Transacations. When I go in, I do see the transactions and the little (i) on the most recent does show the correct amount.


This has been fixed!

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