Coinbase Algorand and Cosmos Transactions put me over the limit

Hi. I just opened an account with cointracker in the hopes that I would be able to get help with my taxes. I haven’t been active (buy/selling) in over a year so I shouldn’t have many transactions but I was alerted that I went over the 3K limit on Coinbase because get daily transactions (FRACTION of a penny - $0.0000002) because I am staking $10 in both Algorand and Cosmos - which equal two transactions daily.

Now it looks like I am not eligible for the “Hobbyist” plan ($59) because I’m over the limit of 3k transactions. Is there a way to not have those staking rewards count against me?

My alternative is to work with another company - not a threat - just don’t know if there is a method to resolve this. I’ll just make sure I sell my $10 in Alogrand and Cosmos so I don’t get penalized for the transactions.

Thanks for your help! I’m not a whale so I hope that I can use Cointracker since it has been so highly recommended by Coinbase.