Coinbase/Coinbase Pro/Coinbase Wallet Transactions re: Tax Plan Issues

I’m fully in the Coinbase ecosystem. I trade on CB Pro, and maintain a CB Wallet. When I import my CB Pro trades, I’m told that I have to up my tax tier, even though I’m WELL under 3k transactions. Does CoinTracker not recognize transactions as they occur in CB Pro for the 3k Coinbase promotion? Or are the transactions ONLY available in Coinbase vanilla?

EDIT: I’m also truly confused as to how it’s calculating “transactions”. If you add all my transactions that show via the Cointracker wallet area, I’m under 75 total transactions. But somehow it’s telling me I have 190 transactions.

EDIT 2: I’ve figured out what’s going on.

  • Transactions are EVERYTHING that happens. If you move $10 from one profile to another - they count as a transaction. While it literally is a transaction, it has no tax impact.
  • Coinbase and Coinbase Pro accounts ARE free with 3,000 transactions BUT for SOME reason, Coinbase Wallet is NOT covered under the 3,000 transaction cap. So my Coinbase Wallet is what’s tripping up CoinTracker and adding to my transactions. And the kicker is, it doesn’t count my Coinbase and Coinbase Wallet transactions separately. Without Coinbase Wallet, I have 175 transactions. As soon as I add my Wallet, I all of the sudden have 191 total transactions, instead of 16 transactions. CB Wallet is a Coinbase entity. Why is it not considered as such?

I used Coinbase and Coinbase Pro for the year 2021. I have like some 200 odd transactions in total. Just wanted to confirm, would they be covered by the online promotion for Coinbase?

custom challenge coin maker be alert. I use that for year 2022 with some transaction.