Coinbase ETH2 Staking

Yesterday, I finally got the email that I can start ETH2 Staking on Coinbase. Before, I jump into that, I wanted to validate that CoinTracker would track my ETH2 balance and the staking rewards. Can anyone confirm? Thank you.


I can confirm that CoinTracker does not have support for eth2…I’d like to know myself


Thanks @luke3115.

Maybe @Chandan has an update.

I started staking my eth for Eth2 earlier this week on coinbase and there is no tracking of it on cointracker.

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Thanks @chburgess14 . Looking forward to an update on this one from the CoinTracker team.

I moved a bit of ETH into ETH2 on Coinbase and I too can confirm that CoinTracker doesn’t show it on my wallet. In the fast paced industry, I’m sure it’s extremely difficult for CoinTracker to keep up with all these edge cases. In my opinion, CoinTracker is the best portfolio view. Keep up the great work. I’m sure ETH2 support will be here in the future.


Watching this thread; in the same boat as those above me. When I first staked some ETH2 on Coinbase, the effect in CoinTracker was that I appeared to have totally lost that ETH amount as if I had never held it in the first place (a little bit shocking to see my “gains” drop) - but I’m all on board for ETH2 and looking forward to CoinTracker support.

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I see that already is able to pull in ETH2 holdings via the Coinbase API - without any action on my part as of just a few days ago anyways. I presume Cointracker will also catch up soon as well.

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I had no idea that Mint could track crypto. Good to know. If mint can do it, I agree that CoinTracker shouldn’t be far behind.

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Yep Mint has had Coinbase support for a few years actually.

koinly shows the eth2 wallet and balance. word of warning, they’re treating it as a taxable event currently, and based on what cointracker themselves have said (see cointracker’s own post on this: ETH2 Staking and Crypto Taxes | CoinTracker), at least for coinbase i have a feeling they’ll do the same when they fix it for their product.

disclaimer: not a tax pro so you have to check to see if it applies to you

Waiting on this as well as I have ETH2 staked.

Coinbase ETH2 balances showed up in my CoinTracker account today!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Nice. I refreshed my wallet and still don’t see my ETH2 stake (via Coinbase) yet. Glad @ap you got it - maybe it will work for my account soon too.

I could see ETH2 balance as well. However, there’s no transaction reported of converting eth to eth2 even though Coinbase shows it to you.

Yes I can see balance now too. Performance is wrong though without the original transaction record for cost basis. Maybe another feature coming soon…


Hey everyone! We’re all pretty stoked about ETH2 staking on Coinbase. As ya’ll pointed out we added some preliminary support for tracking this on CoinTracker, but there’s still more to be done.

Currently we are displaying ETH2 balances and transactions on Coinbase, but we are not yet tracking the cost basis correctly. That should be coming soon in the near future! I’m a big fan of this feature personally so I can promise I’m giving it a nudge from my side.

You can keep an eye on the progress in our feedback tracker.


Exciting news @thomas ! Thanks for the update

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Any updates on IRS guidelines for the ETH–>ETH2 Conversion on coinbase? Also, I’m still not able to see ETH2 staking rewards in Cointracker. Any progress on that end?


Has there been an solution to the cost basis for ETH2 and ETH on Coinbase? Thanks!