Coinbase - New coin The Graph (GRT)

Hi CoinTracker Support,

Coinbase added a new token yesterday - The Graph (GRT).

My wallet automatically imported the purchase of this new coin, but it thinks the coin is Grantcoin (GRT). You need to update your database to reflect the different coin. Due to this error, the price also is incorrect.

Grantcoin (GRT) is trading at $0.0005, while the actual The Graph (GRT) coin is trading at $0.32 cents.

Could you correct this error?

Also, my dashboard does not show this coin, and my portfolio does show the wrong GRT coin listed.


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Iā€™m having this same issue as well. I also tried to manually change to the proper GRT token but its still not updated properly

Hey is there any update to this? Would like this to get updated.

This should now be resolved!

I found that I now have 2 different GRT coins - 1 with the proper logo and 1 changed to just a G. I manually had to modify the older transactions to be part of the new GRT coin.

Glad to hear that you found a solution here. If you are still seeing any problems, please let us know.