Coinbase Pro API link stopped syncing

I’ve already synced Coinbase Pro for 2021 taxes, but now CoinTracker tells me that there was a problem syncing with Coinbase Pro, so CoinTracker prompts me to reauthenticate my account. So I do, by re-entering the correct passphrase, key, and secret, and CoinTracker then says “you already set up this account”.

Does this mean that Coinbase Pro is the problem? If it is the problem, why would CoinTracker tell me to reauthenticate unless the keys were bad? If CoinTracker thinks the keys are bad that must mean that Coinbase Pro is spitting back errors. Does this mean Coinbase Pro is overloaded? Seems like if the keys were good and a connection can be established, but data isn’t being reported back, then that should be a different notification from CoinTracker, like “Coinbase Pro isn’t reporting back data,” not something like “your keys are bad.” Nothing has changed on my end.

Anyone else having this problem?