Coinbase Pro API not working

For about the last day or so Coinbase Pro has not been updating transactions. The balances are there just not transactions. Tried updating the API key and removing the account and then re-adding it. All that did was remove all the existing transactions. Don’t know if it is Coinbase Pro or Cointracker. All of my other wallets are working fine. Anyone else having this issue recently.

Yep. Using the UI, I noticed that my cost basis were not correct, even though the balances were accurate. Looks like some transactions are missing.

jay_michael, I’m also having this exact same issue and there is another thread about it too. Stopped working for me over 3 weeks ago. Took the same steps as you (as advised by Support), and same outcome. Haven’t been able to get any further support on it since - they are not responding.

Popped up for me as well this morning. Hasn’t been able to update since yesterday.

Set up coinly but apparently I need to pay to generate any type of support aroung GBP 80.00… argh…

I just want transactions and everything for my Tax, I hired an accountant so dont need to much i think.

Same issue, anyone else been able to get around this?

I’m having the same issue, guys. It’s been 3 days now, before that everything worked perfectly.

I took the same steps as the OP, setting up a new API key and eventually deleting the wallet and attempting to resync it.

Before I deleted the wallet, it at least still displayed the correct balances under “Coinbase Pro: Wallet” under the Wallet tab.

Now, none of my activity on Coinbase Pro is appearing and my cost basis was wildly thrown into error.

Maybe if enough of us report the problem they’ll be forced to fix it.

It is working now all transactions updated

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Problem has been fixed for me this afternoon.

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All is good for me as well.

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So sorry for all the hassle with the Coinbase Pro API here! As ya’ll have noticed we were running into trouble syncing a small number of customer’s transactions. We recently pushed out a fix that resolves the issue we discovered.

If you’re still running into problems syncing your Coinbase Pro account please reach out and let us know!

Thanks for raising this ya’ll.

Hey Thomas - new customer here but I am running into the same issue… :frowning:

Having issues with the API when I tried to add my Coinbase Pro account today. I have created a support request

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I’m having the same issue. I’ve contacted Customer Support but have not yet received a response.

This appears to have broken again. Please fix ASAP.