COINBASE PRO feed - Proceeds OVERSTATED (by 2 x Fees)

This issue is on ALL transactions from my Coinbase PRO feed.

ALL Proceeds transactions appear to be ADDING the fees instead of SUBTRACTING the fees.

I have reported this to CoinTracker last week (Thursday, Feb 10, 2022). This error OVERSTATES Gains by 2 x Fees for the year (in CoinBase Pro).

Proceeds pulled into CoinTracker are actually showing the Amount Paid + Fees rather than Amount Paid - Fees.

Sell crypto - $1,000.00 USD added to cash account and $5.00 USD fee removed from account

Proceeds SHOULD be: $1,000.00 - 5.00 = $995.00
CoinTracker is showing Proceeds: $1,000.00 + 5.00 = $1,005.00

This overstates gains (on the same cost basis) by 2 x $5.00 = $10.00

They need to quickly address this! USE CAUTION IF YOU ARE USING THE DATA FROM Coinbase PRO to report Tax info by exporting from Cointracker until they address this.

I manually corrected my data (250+ lines)! No fun!

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I should make note that the overstated fees are the SELL-SIDE fees. The fees used to calculate the cost basis (original buy) are correct.