Coinbase Pro Issue List

Hello, I’ve been using Cointracker for a little less than a month. I’ve had lots of issues w Coinbase Pro wallets, costbasis+fees, detecting transfers vs receives, purchase prices, etc. I see some of them mentioned through threads but I’m trying to consolidate my issues here because I’m sure others are seeing the same. Feel free to link this to the applicable tickets. I’m realize you guys are swamped supporting issues so I’m not looking for a right now fix but some guidance on what steps to take to avoid the hassle of having to constantly manually edit all my transactions each time a CoinTracker update happens.

1. Coinbase Pro not including fees in cost basis. (Fixed as of 10/27/21).
A recent website update had me create a new Coinbase Pro wallet (wallet2) that is a duplicate of the existing one (wallet1). I had previously manually edited all my Coinbase Pro wallet1 transactions to be correct from a cost basis perspective. This was super time consuming but solved my problem before. Now I manually checked all Wallet1 and Wallet2 purchases and it seems to now have properly included fees in the cost basis. So that part seems good now, thanks!

2.Issues with multiple Coinbase Pro Wallets due to Issue #1

2a. BUUUT, now I have new issues with Coinbase Pro wallet 2. My cost basis and Fiat invested is way off now. I figured it was because of my duplicate Coinbase Pro wallet (wallet1). The Cointracker wallet page seemed to say I should remove that wallet. So I went to Coinbase Pro wallet1 and selected “Remove Exchange”. Doing so was a bad idea. Now all my transfers between my Coinbase and Coinbase Pro wallets are no longer considered transfers (detected as 1 way receives). I probably need to manually edit all of these but want to save my time as ask for guidance here.

2b. Cointracker is telling me to “Please add our Coinbase Pro Account to accurately calculate your portfolio and taxes”. But I already created the wallet2 based on the instructions on the website. Why isn’t this detected by Cointracker? Should I start all over again with Coinbase Pro wallet, API key etc?

2c. My wallet 2 seems functional as I’ve synced the wallets to ensure I’m up to date. And I’ve also made a few coin purchases on Coinbase pro today and those new transactions are coming in properly. So it seems like wallet2 is properly getting info from the Coinbase Pro API.

3.Purchase prices listed in Cointracker transactions do not match up with either Coinbase Pro or Coinbase price per coin values. This is my 3rd and now least important issue. I have to believe the exchanges are the best source of price per coin since they performed that job. Cointracker seems to be pulling prices from another source other than the exchange data from API. While the Cointracker value is close to the purchase price on the exchange, its not exact. So I’m not sure what’s going on here. Wont this affect my future capital gains reporting when I sell next year? I can’t change the purchase price in Cointracker manual edit mode so I don’t know how to fix this.

Hello all, an update (good news).
1. Coinbase Pro not including fees in cost basis. (Fixed as of 10/27/21)

2. Issues with multiple Coinbase Pro Wallets due to #1 (Fixed as of 10/28/21)
There must have been some sort of backend change or perhaps some missing transactions from CoinbasePro that seemed to now be added to my transaction list today. I had to do some manual edits on transfers being detected as individual sends/receives but for now everything is back to normal with the correct values. Not sure what changed but I’m no longer seeing this today like I was yesterday.

3. Purchase prices listed in Cointracker transactions do not match up with either Coinbase Pro or Coinbase values

  • This issue is still there so I’ve included an example to help highlight the issue/fix
  • On Coinbase Pro, I bought 0.03 BTC for a total of $1,778.85 USD with a fee of $8.85 USD. To do this I used a limit order set at $59,000 per BTC. (So the price per coin should be $59,000/BTC).
  • The reported Price per coin on CoinTracker is 59,295.00 per BTC (see screenshot).
  • So I think CoinTracker’s computation of price per coin needs to be updated to remove the fee from the initial investment amount such as: ($1,778.85 – $8.85)/0.03 BTC = $59,000 per BTC.

Thank you for reading