Coinbase Pro sync doesn't include fees in Cost Basis

Coinbase Pro (not Coinbase) was the only exchange I used in 2019. I opened new account in 2019 actually. I transferred $5000, bought $5000 worth of crypto (including fees) and lost around $2000. I sold everything in one transaction for around $3000. Pretty simple. Obviously my Cost Basis is $5000. To double check I imported my data into other cyrpto tax website and they have $5000 as a cost basis.

For some reason in CoinTracker my Cost Basis is $4,992.51. It looked strange, so I checked all my buying fees and they added up to $7.49.

I would say that might be a potential bug, unless I’m missing something. Anyone Is using Coinbase Pro?


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I have the same problem. Maybe we have to do it manually?

Manually, but how?
Because it doesn’t include neither maker or taker fees, literally every row in 8949 is skewed. So you would have to all… manually.

Anyway, I sent a message via chat 2 days ago, but didn’t get any response. Can you send a message as well?

It’s a problem if you have a lot of transactions, otherwise just edit each transaction. I didn’t get to it yet but I’m thinking just adding the fees onto cost basis on 8949 form with PDF edit. Another fast way of doing it is input “various” on bought and sold dates, then the total for cost and proceed on one single line.

Hi @ish and @kw131459, thanks for bringing up this issue. We will take a look at the issue you brought up on support chat and circle back after taking a look at your accounts.

Hi @InternetJohnny,

We are still work on systematically solving this and we’ll let you know as soon as it is resolved