Coinbase Pro sync doesn't include fees in Cost Basis

Ok. It’s been over a year since I reported the issue for the first time. I brought it up this year as well, about 2 months ago. It’s 2 weeks to Apr 15, it’s still not fixed. Is this for real @Chandan?
Last year you said you’re working on it, this year you said “you WILL work on it”.

It’s not a rocket science. It’s really simple math, deduct fees from the profits. You’re losing your customers money, you know about it, and you’re not doing anything. It’s a 1-2 week task for one developer. You’re not doing anything, because after a year since the bug was reported you wrote: We’ll work on getting this resolved. Will work? If you guys were fair, you should pay back all lost money back to your customers (most of them are probably not even aware that they lost money, because of you).

In any event, can someone recommend other company that does that properly? CoinTracker is really great, but if you add all the money that they lost - it’s simply not worth it.


Just downloaded this product for a test run and found this issue for my coin base pro transactions also. Definitely a deal breaker. Why would anyone purchase this service if it can’t do the simple math of deducting transaction fees to compute capital gains? Not including my transaction fees in my taxes will cost me way more than the cost of this service. Guess I’ll keep looking

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So it sounds like I should have really fine tooth combed my stuff before submitting my taxes this year, and may have paid more than I needed to. Awesome

Edit: Yep, my coinbase pro isn’t adding in the fees to cost basis and this has been open a long time. Bittrex has my cost basis off too. I’m afraid to dig into other wallets/exchanges. Fees are all messed up, multiple tokens aren’t showing - I’m starting to think didn’t need to pay as much in taxes this year and I’m def afraid for next year at this point.

Turbotax is suggesting from within its software that people come to this company. I hope this stuff gets resolved, but my bigger worry is the lack of evidence / communication that the team is working to resolve all these open bugs and actively … like, alive and stuff.

I have just uploaded my Coinbase and Coinbase Pro accounts and seem to get odd Cost Basis calculations too. I understand how to arrive at the figure when the purchase is fiat to crypto, but not clear from the below transaction how a cost basis of £607.50 was arrived at from selling crypto and buying fiat. Likewise, I don’t understand why the loss is £322.63. I had previously Can someone explain

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I have exactly the same issue. Now I will have to change everything manually. I only paid this service to get my taxes done and it doesn’t work.

I am also experiencing the same issue which makes this service useless to me. The whole reason I purchased a subscription was to have accurate capital gains accounting for tax purposes. When will this be fixed?

I’ve been testing several products. I had hope for CoinTracker until discovering this cost basis problem. I’ve tested API’s, CSV’s, ETH public address from Coinbase Wallet, and manual.

The product simply ignores the fees. Here is a very basic example. Deposit $1,000, then buy $1,000 of a coin. It results in $985 worth of ETH due to a $15 fee. The basis of the coin results in $985, which is blatantly wrong.

The only possible way the end result would work out is if it treated USD as a coin and the transaction as a sale of USD at a $15 loss in addition to the purchase of ETH. But it does not show that.

Oh yea, Koinly does the same thing.

I have the $99/mo. subscription with and don’t have that problem. Everything is accurate and the subscription price is worth it for all the other features that come with it.

Is this problem of mine related at all?

I’m literally using both cointracker and koinly right now (as part of my research to figure out what software to use for taxes, clearly the answer is neither), but koinly does correctly add the fee to the cost-basis.

Here’s an example of simply buying $1,000 worth of ETH on coinbase pro

Love how the issue still exists 15 months later, this thread alone will save me time researching which software to use for my crypto taxes when they can’t even correctly add the transaction fee to the cost-basis, and are incapable of fixing it for 15 months.

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ish and others are absolutely correct.

HIGH PRIORITY BUG: For transactions imported from Coinbase Pro, Cointracker fails to include trading fees in the cost basis calculation.

(For transactions from Binance.US, your calculation is correct)

Fees SHOULD be included, according to the IRS.

Many people have pointed this problem out on the community site for almost 1.5 years.

Same problem syncing from Gemini - I use their Coinbase Pro equivalent (ActiveTrader) and my transactions are not adding fee when computing cost basis :frowning: Tried out cointracker when koinly was down, and sadly without fee in cost basis this product is useless to me.

Just echoing what everyone else is saying as I came across the issue today reviewing my tax liability.

@Chandan if you are still on this… I think it is due to Coinbase Pro showing the sale and the fee as separate transactions. It looks like Cointracker puts the fee amount correctly in its place but then erroneously puts the sale amount in the “Total Amount” on Cointracker when really that should be equivalent to the sale amount + fee amount.

i.e. I sell some BTC for $10 and a $.20 fee. Coinbase Pro shows a $10 transaction and a $.20 transaction separately. Cointracker should interpret this as $10.20 Total Amount (sum of both) and $.20 Fee Amount. Today it is erroneously showing $10 as the total.

Seems like a straight forward fix, though this thread has been open for a long time so maybe there are some complications in the backend I am not aware of. Until then looks like I will have to manually update the total for Coinbase Pro transactions!

How can I fix the cost basis and subsequently the gains/losses attached to the trades? CB Pro is giving me totally inaccurate cost basis amounts for simple trades. I’m not sure how to manually fix it.

Dang, Im kind of a high-volume trader with $9k in fees this month alone. It has all my balances really messed up. Unfortunately, I found this thread too late and had already paid for the tax service. If I have to go in and fix the fees on almost 3k in transactions then FML. I think this is about the most important fix they should be working on at this point. It is literally half of their business model that is broken.

Has there been a fix here yet, or when can we anticipate one? It’s really important (I think for literally everyone who uses cointracker) that this is done by end of year or we’re all going to need to refile (again). Technically we all need to refile for prior years once this is implemented, right?

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It has been over 19 months since this issue was first reported, but Coinbase Pro transactions are still not including the exchange fee as part of the cost basis. When (if ever) will this be fixed?

Hi - anyone there from Cointracker that can help shed some light on when this issue is going to be fixed?!