Coinbase Pro to Coinbase Withdrawal not showing

If you sign into coinbase pro and migrate over funds from coinbase and then withdraw, this transaction will not show up in cointracker.

It will show the funds leaving your coinbase wallet to your coinbase pro wallet, and then back and forth (Possibly the way coinbase handle withdrawals?). But at the end of this process no final withdrawal transaction can be seen. This also results in a negative balance for one of the transactions whereby there are two transations listed for the transfer of funds between coinbase and coinbase pro.

In contrast, when withdrawing directly from coinbase without transferring funds between the interfaces, the transaction and the address it was sent to are displayed fine.

Is this a known bug? It seems a bit off to have to correct and import transactions for an partnered exchange. If I were to continue transferring funds between vanilla and pro coinbase, it would end up involving a lot of manual work. This process was done via import using both coinbase and coinbase pro API keys.

Overall the whole automated aspect of this service seems to have a lot of manual work in the end and adding transactions from your own spreadsheet seems like the only accurate option which is not ideal for a large volume of transactions.