Coinbase Promotion Not Working (Transaction Limit)

Seeing the Coinbase free partnership with up to 3000 transactions on coinbase qualifying on the free tier.
I have more than 25 coinbase transactions, but less than 3000, so it’s trying to upsell me to the next tier. It’s not giving me the coinbase promotion. I’ve selected the ‘claim promo here’ on the top of site.

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Thank you

I was having the same issue. Strange for sure. But when I generated the IRS form 8949 in the tax report section, it captured all the “free” transactions. So it doesn’t show it, but does print it out correctly. Hope that helps.

Appreciate that! Unfortunately it tells me “Upgrade in order to download tax reports.” when i try to navigate to that section

In my case I previously paid for the hobbyist tier last year, but it said I had too many transactions for hobbyist this year (~150) and that I had to upgrade to the $199 premium tier. Even though all my transactions were on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro it wouldn’t give me the option to downgrade either. I was eventually able to fix by deleting my Cointracker account entirely, waiting a few minutes, and then signing in again via Coinbase, which finally let me access my tax info for free.