Coinbase Transaction Order Error

I ran an arbitrage bot last year that made near instantaneous trades - for example, I would purchase ETH with USD, then sell that ETH for BTC, then sell the BTC back to USD - all hoping the exchange ratios were such that I ended up with more USD (I never really got it to work, but I have several hundred of these very small trades). One feature of this was that the trades needed to be essentially instantaneous to take advantage of the arbitrage.

My issue is that cointracker, when seeing two different trades at the same time, appears to order them in alphabetical issue. This becomes a problem in the example above, because the ETH sell to BTC will occur before the USD purchase of ETH and give a negative account balance for the ETH. I had to dig through the transaction .csv from Coinbase to figure that out and I obviously don’t want to do that for all of my transactions.

I am sure y’all are aware, but Coinbase uses the ISO 8601 format in UTC so the last 4 digits can help decipher which trade happens chronologically when there are multiple trades on the same second interval. For example, see the two timestamps below:

a. 2018-02-23T13:21:18.578Z
b. 2018-02-23T13:21:18.986Z

They both occurred on February 23, 2018 at 13:21:18 UTC. But, trade a. came before trade b. because 578 is a smaller number than 986 (the “Z” can be ignored as it just lets you know it is in UTC). Is this something that is currently utilized or will be utilized?

If it is currently being utilized, I think there is a bug where it is not calculating correctly, because, in my example above, b. is occurring before a. and giving the me the error I described.

If it is not currently utilized, are there plans to do so?


Hi @stew1922,

Thanks for flagging. We’ll work on incorporating the ISO 8601 time format out to the decimals and let you know once that is in place.

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