Coinbase transactions involving Celo coin not showing up

Is this a bug or still pending Celo support?

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Hi @jdcha,

Thanks for flagging — we’re working on resolving this.


Hi @jdcha,

The CGLD / Coinbase issue should now be resolved. Please make sure that your Coinbase account is synced.

You can sync wallets by pressing the “Sync Wallets” button on the wallets page?

If there are any wallets for which the sync is failing, please make sure that your API key is up to date. You can do this by selecting the wallet on the left panel and using the Update API Key from the dropdown menu (example below):

Hello, my CGLD / CELO coins are double than what I own. Could you help fix this issue?

On CoinTracker it shows double the amount of what I own, please let me know what I need to do or if this is a bug in your system.


Hi, I found a manual transaction and deleted that transaction. Now I am able to see the correct amount of coins I own in the CELO / CGLD Coinbase wallet. But the transaction for the correct amount is missing. I only see 3 out of 4 CELO transactions. I am missing one transaction in my history. Let me know if this is a bug.

Hi @archhern,

Glad to hear that you were able to get the first issue resolved. Could you please send a screenshot of the second issue to our contact us channel so that we can take a look?

Hi Chandan, just sent the images. Thanks!

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Any update on this bug? This CELO / CGLD coin was purchase on Coinbase.

Hi @archhern,

We’ll circle back on your ticket

Thank you. I had to manually input some transactions.

I think it’s related to the crypto symbol.

CGLD is the symbol that Coinbase uses but calls it Celo.

Keep me posted.


Makes sense; we are tracking an update for that here.

I just bought $500 on Coinbase and it did not show up in my portfolio like it usually does on other transactions is there a glitch with cello again

What are you seeing if you press the sync wallets button on the wallets page (auto-syncing occurs about once every 24 hours)?

I see this issue persisting. I am unable to see my CGLD transactions when I use the api key with Coinbase pro.

I need to do taxes, it is a sincere request to please fix the issue.