Coinbase transactions not syncing

I am a new user so apologies if I am doing something wrong but I setup my Coinbase account and total balance is being pulled in but the Wallet shows “Never Updated” and there are no past transactions. Can someone assist with this?

I sent a note to Support as well last week but have yet to get a reply. Thanks for any feedback!

Hi @jkloese,

What happens when you press the “sync wallets” button at the top of the wallets page?

It shows “Updating” and then after a minute it goes back to Never Updated. My Coinbase Pro account syncs with no issue.

Do you mind sending us permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account here?

Yes I have already set the permissions. Please take a look. Thanks!

Do you mind briefly filling out this form so that our support team can share visibility into the issue?

Sure. I filled this out again.

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Just checking if you think we can resolve this issue. I’m standing by. Thanks!

Hi @jkloese,

Could you please respond back to the ticket on support if the response didn’t resolve the issue? If you are awaiting a response, we’ll circle back with you there soon.

I replied back to the email from the support ticket on Monday with no reply. Is that what you mean or is there somewhere else I need to respond?

Perfect, we’ll circle back to you there.

Is anyone else here having issues with Coinbase transactions? Mine only seems to update the balance but never updates past transaction history. Seems that support is at a loss for my situation unfortunately. Hoping to get this working as I prefer this app over

Hi @jkloese,

We haven’t seen this before, but we did circle back with you on support with one other suggestion to try.