Coinbase Wallet BTC transactions show $0

I have tried entering in my new coinbase wallet address - obviously it shows zero and generates a new address every time so that’s useless to track.

So I go into the transaction history and paste in the old wallet address into coin tracker a separate time for each of my 3 transactions. The first one USED to work and now they all just say $0. So Cointracker is not tracking my bitcoin which is pretty important and a chunk of my portfolio.

Net deposits and Netproceeds are now insanely off showing hundreds of thousands of dollars I never deposited or lost. This is insane

I’m really frustrated a lot of things do not work with this service. I also cannot get OKEx to work as we need V5 API support and it just gives an error, there’s no way I can see to make a V3 API key.

Still no reply and no help on this issue.

I’m not surprised with no response. In fact I’ve noticed no support from Cointracker despite contacting them directly 3 times, even after being a paid subscriber for almost a full year. Looking into koinly now for better tracking and support.