CoinList vs CoinList Pro - API Issues

I’ve tried to add CoinList Pro via API key. It appears successful but all of the transactions that then get imported appear to be from the CoinList consumer ( rather than from Pro (

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? How do I get my full transaction history included from both CoinList Pro and Coinlist consumer?

Many thanks in advance.

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Actually weirdly it’s pulling the transactions from CoinList Pro but only showing the balanced from CoinList consumer. So for instance if I send a balance from CoinList Pro then it shows that as a sent transaction, but then the balance doesn’t show a deduction rather it shows an increase in the balance. In short, it’s like it’s pulling the balances from Consumer CoinList and the transactions from CoinList Pro. Very confused…

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Seeing the exact same bug. Transactions are being pulled in from CoinList Pro, but the balances are from CoinList Consumer.

This is leading to double counting of my balances when I import the CSV of the consumer side of things (and I need to import the consumer CSV since sometimes I buy/sell things on the consumer side, and sometimes on the pro side).

Glad to know I’m not the only one.

BTW - @siruy - My CSV import from CoinList consumer kept failing, did you have to remove all comments or various transaction types (staking rewards, etc.)?

no, I was able to import the consumer.csv directly as downloaded.

I believe the Pro CSV requires re-formatting. I may manually try and input it while this bug exists :frowning:

Are you doing any staking on Coinlist? I’m getting a "File import failed. Transaction type Staking reward of <XX.XX> FLOW is not supported

no staking, and after our exchange I actually just decided to move everything off of coinlist – prevents things from being miscounted by CT :slight_smile: