CoinSwitch Import as Wallet Not Exchange (Doubling assets)

I imported my CoinSwitch CSV which was used to swap CoinBase BTC for a few different erc-20 coins that were sent straight to MyEtherWallet. (SNT, Data, RCN etc) (oh and one to

I did this cuz, well I wanted to be completed and realized I could, had forgot about using coinswitch, but also because I hoped it would reconsonsile 1 transaction error.

Well, now it shows as a wallet (not as exchange) thus showing me in the negative for BTC (giving a second transaction errror) and it doubled up on my assets of what the portfolio page thinks I own for SNT, Data, RCN, etc. It thinks I own some in my MEW wallet but also in my CoinSwitch “wallet”.

What do I do?

I have found the following, which explains why I do not need to import coinswitch and stands to reason why my porfolio shows double assets and double loss in btc.

So, I believe this is resolved. Thanks,