Cointracker account using Coinbase login

Coinbase has a referral to Cointracker saying that they partnered together and tax info is free up to certain amount of transactions etc, etc.

Problem 1:
Every time I login to Cointracker using Coinbase it acts as if this is the first time and asks for permission to link accounts, etc. Why is it doing this every time? Seems like it should only do it once (the very first time)

Problem 2: After eventually getting logged into Cointracker using Coinbase option there is no “free” tax plan that was mentioned.

Not sure if anyone on this forum can answer either of those or maybe has same issue.
I did try emailing Cointracker support to ask but it has been nearly 2 weeks and no response.

Hey @JetRocket! Erin from CoinTracker here, I just DM’d you to get more information about this, thanks for letting us know!

i have the same problem. There is not free tax plan

did yo solve that problem, because i have the same problem
there is no free tax plan

Someone from Cointracker reached out and added the free tax plan. I was able to use it for 2021 tax. Not sure why it’s not automatic. This referral / partnership with Coinbase isn’t working properly…

When I go to 2022 tax section (I know it’s early) it’s no longer a “free tax plan”

i do not have a free tax plan. what should I do?

why i do not have a free tax plan?

Hi, I logged in using my coinbase credentials, I have few transactions but the free account option is not enabled for me. Could someone please have a look.