Cointracker and CoinbasePro integration issues

I’m constantly trying to resolve balance, net deposits, profits, cost basis and missing transactions when using Cointracker to get data from CoinbasePro both on the API and csv files. Although I get some issues with other wallets its mostly with CoinbasePro (admittedly my largest by assets value and number).

The issues I believe are related to moving assets between CoinbasePro portfolios specifically moving assets back to the default then deleting the extra portfolios. It appears that somewhere between CoinbasePro and Cointracker that portfolio transfers are not seen as self transfers but as send/receive which screws up the balances also transactions within those additional portfolios is lost or not tracked after the portfolios are deleted.

Its difficult to be sure where the source of the problem is but I suspect its more on the Coinbase side. I had hoped to use Cointracker to produce my tax forms this year but its looking unlikely I will go down that route considering how buggy the integration seems.

I hope we can get some of these issues resolved but just looking at the shear volume of issues Cointracker and Coinbase are dealing with I don’t hold much hope for a speedy resolution.