Cointracker CPAs?

Are there any CPA’s that work specifically with that I can hire please?


…UPDATE: read post below

LOL, its funny how I’ll go to a forum first to ask a question and then next I proceed to Google where I sometimes find an answer.

So I googled “ CPA” and found this guy:

Shehan Chandrasekara, I wonder if he is related to Chandan lol

Of course this kind of thing is super pricy, If I had millions I would hire him no problem but I’m not a whale like that and I would imagine CPA’s prioritize the whale’s that can pay them well.

Prices are $200 for 15 minute consultation, $400 for 30 minute consultation… Geez Louuize, Can you imagine charging $800/hr for your time? Must really pay to be a CPA… haha, that rhymed. :wink:

And the tax preparation is $3500!! So I think I’m gonna stick to DIY for now.

And if you know of a more inexpensive CPA who maybe likes to help the baby whales please do let me know!

Anyways I still found some good info, Shehan wrote an article on Forbes that makes me feel like I have some power to do a few things to minimize my tax liability this year. Check it out:

Main take aways are:

  • Utilize Tax Loss Harvesting while the wash sale rule still does not apply to Crypto until Jan1st 2022.

  • Switch accounting Method to HIFO (Highest in First Out)

I was freaking out because I’ve been using FIFO this whole time and because of all my crypto to crypto trades this year my tax liability was huge! …and it really hurts because I haven’t even really taken any actual USD profit, just been managing my portfolio and moving things around.

Personally I feel that IRS rule on crypto to crypto trades is such B.S. thievery but nothing I can do about it except pay them their damn money they don’t deserve. Ever think they will get rid of that rule? I hope so, it’s total garbage.

Any ways just by switching to HIFO that tax liability looks about cut in half now which still sucks cause its still huge, but it is way better than it was.

Of course I still feel like I need to talk to a professional to be certain I’m okay to switch to HIFO but I feel a bit better armed to take this on with this new information.

I’m writing this with the hope it helps someone else.

Happy end of the year Bull run to you all!

Have Fun!

Be Safe!

Don’t forget to take profit like me in 2017!!!


Nice helpful writeup. Thanks!

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