CoinTracker does not offer support through WhatsApp

Hi CoinTrackers! Recently, there has been an influx of scammers claiming that by reaching out to a specific WhatsApp number, they were able to get help.

Please note that CoinTracker does NOT offer support through WhatsApp (we do not even have a WhatsApp number) and they are simply scammers looking to get you to reach out to them, likely so they can charge you for services that they ultimately cannot deliver on.

The only way to contact CoinTracker for support is through our Contact Us page here:

The only emails you will receive from the real CoinTracker team will come from ‘’ email addresses (please check every letter as we have seen users receive emails from very similar email addresses).

We are focusing our efforts on drastically scaling our team so that we can create a better product and support experience for our users.

In the meantime, please review the following security blog posted by CoinTracker for more tips on avoiding scammers and protecting yourself: