CoinTracker does not work for sophisticated traders?

Hello all,

Am I missing something about this service?

I have tracked 231,000 transactions in 2021 and paid for the premium/pro most expensive plan.

No matter how many times I try, every time I try to generate the Turbo Tax csv file I get “error” messages and no file comes out, zero, nothing.

Even if I just try to generate an 8949 to send in via mail filing I get a message that it is being generated and will be emailed to me yet I have received nothing in weeks and requested it several times.

Can this service really handle up to 250,000 trades?

If not I’m f_cked. The Binance.US and Coinbase statements suck and I still need an 8949.

Koinly is think only does 100,000 trades supported.

What am I even paying for if I can’t at least get a prepped 8949 or an email back on topic!?!

Any help or advice is appreciated!! Maybe this should go in REPORT A BUG too?

Maybe it’s just too early to expect the forms to generate yet for 2021 filing? But why, the data appears to be there? I see the painfully *good bottom line I have to pay an obnoxiously high rate on? Good problem to have but now Cointracker please help me report it and pay THE MAN correctly!!!