CoinTracker Experts for hire?

Hi All,
I used Cointracker last year to file report my crypto taxes and found it much better than but this year I’m still overwhelmed and lost. It takes so much effort and what seems to be countless hours over days, weeks, and months to get ones portfolio to all add up. Since last year I’ve made plenty of new transactions which now add to the complication and I have even more transactions that just don’t add up.

I’ve become very frustrated, I’ve even gotten to the point of yelling at my computer screen. Lol, obviously that didn’t really help. Some of my most frustrating errors come in the form of the attached examples, then multiply it by many, many dozens of errors:

I’ve done so much to make sure that all of my transactions via wallets and exchanges have been added dating back to 2016. Yet so much still doesn’t add up.

I don’t understand how Cointracker “can’t determine the value of a sale”, it should be obvious especially if it’s a stable coin like TUSD. There is a timestamp, why is it not pulling the price from that time stamp to determine it’s value? Marking it a transfer doesn’t seem to make the error go away and there is no way of “adding the fiat received” especially if it was just a transfer or a crypto to crypto trade.

I don’t understand how so many coins “result in a negative balance”. If there wasn’t the balance to begin with how could the trade have been executed? “reviewing purchase history” doesn’t tell me anything. This one really frustrates me a lot. Last year I had to go in manually and make up transactions to attempt balancing it out and even then it made no sense. I feel like I’d paid extra in taxes last year and what I reported probably wasn’t accurate.

I also don’t understand “No purchase history”, why is this even necessary? I have the coins, I obviously acquired them through an exchange of which I have imported everything through CSV and API and it still wants to tell me there is no purchase history.

I just wish this worked more seamlessly, I admit I have a bit of a mess of many wallets and exchanges over the years many of which I no longer use. I’ve tried to create a new account and import everything again to see if its any less messy now but I still am annoyed at how time consuming non sense making putting one’s portfolio together has to be. I’m trying to be proactive to get it all added up by the end of the year so I can try the tax harvesting feature.

Are there any portfolio tracking experts out there for hire that would be willing to get all my ducks in a row?

I’m considering other coin tracking services to see if its works any better but I’m not convinced they will.

Who else feels like putting together their portfolio is just a complete overwhelming mess? I really hope I am not alone here.

Making sure all my exchanges and wallets are connected just isn’t the solution here.

Thanks for listening.


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Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot for your feedback — this is incredibly valuable and we clearly have our work cut out for us to improve your CoinTracker experience.

Negative coin balances — in general, this means that according to the transactions in CoinTracker, there is a coin being traded away / sold / sent, without a record of how it arrived in the first place. Getting to the bottom of where the missing received coins are will automatically fix all of these errors.

Could not determine the value of this sale (TUSD) — the issue here is that we just haven’t added support for TUSD yet (working on it!). In the meantime, you can simply add a custom currency for TUSD and edit the proceeds to be the same as the quantity.

Overall — we want to resolve your frustration ASAP! Contact us on support and we’ll help you resolve the pending issues.

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Man, I feel you so much.

Two days ago I went on complete rampage after i completely deleted all my transactions and added all again in hope it would fix some issues I had. And at first it did fix some problems. However, after I manually reviewed all transactions to make sure everything is as correct as it can currently be, next day I log in and see that something does not add up and I found out that several transactions were suddenly reporting errors or previously correctly linked transfers were out of nowhere unlinked. Long story short I lost it and ended subscription, deleted everything and said to my self never again.

Then, I tried several other services but found that most of them are even worse, so after 4 rounds of linking API of exchanges and all my walest I came to conclusion that Cointracker is the best service for my needs and that I have to go back. But boy oh boy it can be so frustrating.

I know cointracker can be really great service, but it needs to be way more seamless a do not have issues with simple things like getting errors where they previously did not exist. Or for example I do not understand why is there no support for polkadot wallets since polkadot is coin with 8th biggest marketcap.

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Thank you both for your responses. @troSKA , thank you, I feel comfort to know I’m not alone in this.

@Chandan I’m still perplexed, I added TUSD as a currency and synced my wallets and still all of these errors exists for TUSD.

Also it takes hours and hours for the cost basis to recompute. Will this be sped up in the future? One huge annoyance in regards to editing all our transactions is how long it takes to re-sync. I wait many hours (half the day) hoping my numbers add up. It finally finishes and then I still have problems. this makes troubleshooting issues even more challenging then it already is.

I will hit you up on support soon. I’m gonna make one last run through and make sure everything is added. I’m sure I’ll pull my hair out.

In the mean time any insight you can provide into TUSD would be greatly appreciated. Now that I have added it as currency and set its value to $1 nothing has changed. Thank you

Also does doing transactions within Exodus make things more complicated? I have some errors transactions that were straight up just exchanging one coin for another with the Exodus wallet, I’ve included a screen shot of a couple here:

Also how do fees effect these transactions on Cointracker? I feel like sometimes the amounts are off by small amounts and I wonder if those a re fees missing yet io find know way to truly know what the fee is and or to inout it properly into Cointracker.

Thanks again for your help!

Appreciate the feedback on this. We definitely hear you that it can be frustrating and we aim to make this a lot easier in the future.

The specific issue you are mentioning should be totally resolved (or try pressing Sync Wallets on the wallets page if you are still seeing issues).

You can follow the request for this integration here. We hope to add this in the future, it’s only a matter of prioritization. Keep telling us what you want to see added by voting!

Thanks for flagging this — we’ll work on resolving this and let you know as soon as it is done.

Yes, we’re working on speeding up cost basis recomputation. You can track progress here

Please do — we’d love to help resolve any pending issues not already mentioned.

This would be useful to cross check in your particular case on support. Could you please send us a photo of what you see on Exodus via contact us?

We generally aim to track fees, but there are certain cases where they may not be subtracting from your wallet balance. Could you please also create a separate contact-us issue for where you are seeing the discrepancy so that we can take a look for you?


TUSD transactions should now sync normally (you can unwind manual edits you made for these).

Thank you, I’m not seeing the TUSD errors any more! yay!

I do want to reach out to you guys for support but I have so many discrepancies it’s over whelming.

I’m really trying to get it cleaned up and understand what I’m looking at.

One of my recent transaction issues is stating I have a negative balance from an exchange I only two withdrawals from to a wallet.

The fee is .005 ELA, I adjusted the amount sent to .005 more than it was and I still get the error. I dont understand and this is only one issue out of so many!

Another thing I’d appreciate some help with is how do you remove these airdrop tokens that have come out of nowhere. I “ignore” the transactions but they still show up on my dashboard.

Thanks for your help, i realize this going to take some time and going back and forth over many days and weeks more. Thanks for the support in this effort.


Where’s the transaction showing the ELA getting into Huobi?

For now you can mark them as ignored which will ignore them from taxes and transaction history. We’re working on a feature to ignore them universally.

Where’s the transaction showing the ELA getting into Huobi?

I am still trying to figure that out. I believe I figured out the first part of the issue. My csv import for Huobi was imported as an “imported wallet” separate from the exchange. I deleted it and imported the csv to the actual exchange so it is now one.

I’m still getting an issue with a no purchase history for USDT in Huobi. I found the transaction where I sent USDT to Huobi from Binance but looks like the time stamp is later than the transaction giving the error. I edited the time stamp to just before those transactions. It’s currently recomputing so I shall see if that fixes it. Is that how you would recommend trouble shooting the issue?

Also I used Poloniex in the past and I can no longer access my account cause they don’t support US customers anymore. I still get the error that I cannot authenticate my account. Does that matter? Will it affect my balances?

I’m currently attempting a new Cointracker account to get this to all add up while comparing it to my previous account. I’m curious how I would be able to import all my previous transactions from Polionex to my new account since I cant access it any longer. I still have the old API key, should that still work?

Everything imported through Exodus in my old account is kind of a mess but the new way of importing Exodus wallets through the safe report is so much better and reflects my balances far more accurately so I would really like to get this new account working properly to use it to file my taxes moving forward.

Thanks for all your help! I’m really impressed with CoinTracker and how much work you guys are putting into it to make it awesome. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like for you all to program this thing and provide all the great support you have to us users.

I’m feeling I’m making progress to getting it all together and making sense!

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

This should work — are you seeing it resolved now?

This is fine, you can ignore the warning.

Poloniex likely won’t send history for US accounts anymore. Here’s how you can still add history via CSV.

Super glad to hear that this is working now!

This should work — are you seeing it resolved now?

Yes! That worked exactly, I’ll remember the time and date thing for future trouble shooting.

Poloniex likely won’t send history for US accounts anymore. Here’s how you can still add history via CSV.

Thank you, I emailed their support and they sent me a link where US customers can download their history. OMG so much less complicated than Kucoin! They just provided three CSVs with full Trade, Withdrawal and Deposit History. Only not fun part is manually editing it to be compatible with Cointracker. Oh well, I’m getting used to the process now!

I’ve just about got everything reorganized on my original account. I had so many “other transactions” making a mess which I have now “imported wallets” for each asset and labeled accordingly. Now every transaction has a home I can trace it back to.

Now the real fun begins of trouble shooting these discrepancies. There’s a ton, I get that there is usually a transaction missing or not adding up right? Any tips on locating them?

I’ll definitely be needing some help with that and will be posting more. I’ll post a screen shot below to give an idea of the mess I have. Any thoughts, tips and advice are greatly appreciated. I think you’ll have to zoom in or click on the picture to see it clearly.

Thanks Chandan!


To preserve your privacy, do you mind sharing the issues / screenshots you are seeing on your account to our Contact Us page?

Good Idea! sorry bout that. That makes sense.

I am beginning to make some progress towards eliminating these discrepancies! :slight_smile:

I’m going through the list and “reviewing each purchase history”. Turns out some of these missing transactions show up right there below the “need review” transaction with the “ignored” status enabled.

So the easiest fix so far has been to re-enable them to active status. Since I last did my taxes I know some improvements have been made with Binance US and Bittrex. I’ve refreshed the APIs and I think that previous necessity of manually adding withdrawals and deposits when using Binance US messed some things up now that they are being pulled by the API.

So my “need review” transactions are getting smaller! But I still have some harder ones to figure out and some questions are arising in the pursuit.

First, if you are only sending from one wallet to another and the cost basis is present in the “Sent” transaction what exactly is Cointracker asking for in the “Received” transaction for a cost basis? Should I just enter the same cost basis for both sides of the transaction? It won’t be counted as double will it? considering the sent transaction has it’s cost basis I am puzzled why this flagged as “need review”.

Heres an example:

I’m also having an issue with . I’ve imported everything from their csv but it shows I’m negative MCO. I originally staked MCO, then Swapped it for CRO, staked CRO and now I’m unsure what I’m looking at? I searched for more information on how staking transactions are recorded with Cointracker. I didn’t find anything, is there a resource?

I’ll also hit you guys up on the Contact Us page for this one with the csv and screen shot of what I’m running into.

The more time I put into this the more I’m getting closer and things are adding up. I’ve literally been trouble shooting this for a few weeks now and have pulled many days where poured several hours (all day long) into this as if it is full time job lol. Cant wait to have this all together.


This is exactly right

What’s the token on the right? It may be easier to resolve this by taking a look at your account via Contact Us.

Could you please send us the CSV to Contact Us?


Sounds like you are nearly there!

Hey @cryptic/Matt, im by no means an expert, but I’ve been deep dived into CT for a while now, and maticuous at getting it balancing. I wierdly never thought i’d enjoy it so much even though I’ve had my fair share of moments of screaming at the screen.

I only said last night to my mrs that I’d be happy to offer balancing services to ppl who find it hard, causes in all fairness, its not exactly easy! Even with all the api’s and back end AI tech. I didn’t search for this, was looking for some info on CDC fiat and card wallets and your post showed up. So I figured I would reply.

If you are still struggling, then i’d be happy to have a chat, see if there is any way I can help. Just putting it out there man.

Regardless, I hope you get sorted.


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Hey @LeadGr8, I was just trying to find someone who can help balance my Cointracker account transactions across different exchanges/wallets. I have been handling it for over a year but at this point, I really need someone who can help me piece my transactions together.

I’m having issues balancing CoinTracker with BitForex, Wise Staking rewards, and some Uniswap transactions here and there.

I recently tried out Koinly to see if it would resolve my issues but it’s didn’t. Kindly, let me know if you’d be willing to help me out, I’d be more than happy to reimburse you for your time.



Hey @Mike111 thanks for your message. I feel your pain brother. I would love to help and might be able to, but ive recently undergone a kulling of all excess in my life to find more space as I had spread myself to thin. As such im basically away until end of June. So if you needed support before then then im not your guy for sure. If its after then then im happy to discuss.

I tried a load of systems, all have their + and -'s, but CT hit the most proverbial nails on the head so i went in deep and happy with my decision.

BUT…its not easy or for the faint hearted (tax or tracking clarity in crypto, not cointracker per say).

My summary of best practise is…

  1. Import EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERYTHING nomatter how hard with weird CSV’s (tradeogre was the most complex CSV conversion i had to do #bonkers)
  2. Go through the transactions, page by page, line by line, bridging it up to date.

Once I did this, it was pretty balanced. and i keep on top of it monthly at least, or weekly if im making more than like 20 tx’s.

Staking rewards is a PITA! I’ve no idea how CT plan to manage this, with SOOO many systems.
So i made my own systems at times, mini hacks i learn that work for me and are manual but they work.

But to begin with, get a clean slate as balanced as you can.

Hope this helps bro.
#bestofluck and keep me posted.