CoinTracker Fees

If I use the free version of CoinTracker and I go over the 25 allowed trades will CoinTracker send me a bill for a paid plan right when I go over? Or will it just cost that fee at the end of the tax season if I want to see record of my transactions? I know CoinTracker does not have my banking information but they do have my API to my Binance account so I was wondering if there is anyway I could be charged when I don’t wish to be. Thank you for any help on this issue. I currently have not gone over 25 trades.

Hi @Vespa,

Tracking transactions is free on CoinTracker. We have two paid products:

If you are trying to get your taxes done and go above 25, you can always purchase a tax plan to get your tax reports using the “Crypto Taxes” link above.

Oh so there is no way I would get an unexpected bill from here just from signing up for the free service?

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Nope! :slight_smile: