Cointracker is a mess

Cointracker makes such a mess. There are positions showing a profit of $100, although it’s a $7k loss.

Dividend tracker are getting count in, staking doesn’t get recognized same as cost basis.

Some positions get shown with a negative balance, although it has been bought on Swyftx and sent to metamask. Easy transfer.

It would be great if someone from your team could clean up this mess before we proceed with cointracker. This is just a fraction of our transactions. We have more than 5k transactions per year and cointracker isn’t really helpful here.

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The product is good. However, being ignored by support is very frustrating. @Chandan, @thomas, please talk to your loyal customers.

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Yeah, maybe before the creation of DAO’s, rebase tokes or dividend tracker. If you saw our dashboard and transaction, you would close it immediately


You should try any of the other half dozen top crypto tax tools and you’ll likely find the same as I did – they all are a mess.

If you have more than very basic transactions involving the top couple of coins then buckle up, you’re in for a rough ride. All require scrutinizing of every single transaction and significant manual adjustments. From missing LPs, pool, and staking transactions, incorrectly identifying basic transfers, no support for margin accounts, and half baked support for some the most popular coins – all which produces inaccurate tax calculations.

At this point I cannot get contracker and one of the other top tax tools to agree on a single tax year. From 2018 through 2021, not one year between these two top tools generates the same result.

I’m just thankful that between these two packages I can get about 80% complete and progress on to banging out the remaining 20% in long painful sessions of scouring blockchain explorers, stupid copy-paste post-processing with grep/awk/sed, some Excel voodoo, and performing way too many individual CSV imports in a desperate attempt to solve all the discrepancies. Now my biggest issue is both companies continue to push updates that impact the calculations across the board which requires yet another round of analysis and more CSV imports as fixes.

Unclear if these companies will ever have parity with the crypo space because it innovates at such an insane speed and due to the absence of meaningful regulation it practically guarantees that with even with unlimited funding and coders at their disposal – they will always lag.

Having said that, I expect big improvements in customer support for those companies that remain standing and don’t emerge too broken after the the 2021 season closes. Scaling code and servers to meet demand isn’t crazy difficult these days, but scaling workers to meet demand remains really difficult.


I’ve tried at least six apps, and none of them agree on anything. One thing they all have in common is none provide any proper support, most don’t even respond to questions in their forums. it’s a joke. I am tired of literally every service using the “because covid” excuse for providing zero customer support. People are getting fed up with it.
I’m in the situation where I’ve bought some alt coins for staking, none of the cost basis works right, some apps can’t even recognize simple swaps on Pancake properly. Koinly for me is completely borked now, it just hangs on syncing my Coinspot API forever, I even created a new account to try and get around it and it still wont sync.
This is all breaking my soul, it’s literally impossible to track defi transactions manually when there are hundreds or 1000’s of them, and NONE of these stupid tax apps work correctly. It’s making me want to give up on crypto because it’s just impossible to satisfy the tax office antiquated laws


Yeah, this is my first time trying to get everything entered in and holy hell, it’s a god damned mess. When I “disable” a transaction that got pulled in via API - it still counts the transaction for the balance. Even it I set it to 0.0000000001 it just ignores that and honors the original value. I literally can’t manually fix issues that the smart contracts create. This thing is a hot mess.

This is all breaking my soul

I feel your pain brother.

It’s very lame to see Cointracker all over Twitter advertising when nothing ever gets fixed or answered here.