Cointracker selected wrong coin. Throwing my portfolio off


Just wanted to point out that my portfolio is showing millions of $ that I don’t have. I invested in a coin called $UNO (UnoRe) which is only .15 cents at time of posting, but for some reason cointracker is going off a coin called $UNO (Unobtainium) which is priced $28 at time of posting.

Is there anyway to get this corrected so my portfolio reflects the correct amount? I definitely have not made 1 million in a month haha.

Is there any way this could be fixed? Thanks!

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This happen to me on a sale. It reported I had a 6 figure realized gain which I didn’t. No response from them.

The fix should be simple. You need to look at the contract address. Two coins can have the same ticker. Especially when the tickers are the same with different contract address. This is basic accounting controls.

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Exactly, now they have a problem with a coin called CleanOcean. CleanOcean converted from v1 to v2 with two different contract ID. They should not be using the ticker. They need to use the contract address. If someone is selling the program will generate a huge taxable gain. The user might not know or understand thinking they will have to pay the tax. This is irresponsible.

I’m having the same issue. My UNO (UNOre) is on KuCoin, and makes me look a lot wealthier on paper :wink:

Following for support responses and/or workarounds as well.


I’m also having this issue with UNO on Kucoin. Would love to know if this is being addressed

Any updates on CleanOcean [CLEAN] and Uno ?