Cointracker stuck in updating cost basis

Has anyone noticed that cointracker seems to be stuck in updating cost basis?

Yes, this is an ongoing issue that @Chandan and @thomas do not seem to care about. I’ve been posting here for several days about it, and Support has Ghosted Cointracker customers.

Guys i dont want to be jerky or unchill about this at all as generally should be no big deal right now its tax figure compilation times and everyone is crunching numbers. I dont have brokerage statements on basic stock trades yet either from the Fidelties and Scwhabs of the world.

Dont catch me wrong i AM concerned and received an email response two weeks prior saying the engineers were working on glitch and errors identified.

For a short time the generate report buttons all said available later in 2022, but then quickly went back to being available but error out everytime i try to generate. I also am not able to download the transactions CSV even.

Do we need to try to start sime sort of class action on this? Probably not yet at all but eventually sure do intend to chew up and spit the terms of agreement before a judge if i have to, i will certainly be inviting my friends from the IRS Tax Advocate’s office as well and im sure they will love to further blab some with their friends at the IRS investigations dept about a potential scam purported to help honest crypto participants pay their fair share for profits but then simply defraud them of their capital and leave them woefully unprepared or even capable of reporting their taxable ceypto earnings accurately. A serious risk of under-reported and no-reported will result from and outright ghosting of this going forward.

I worked for JPMorgan for 15yrs and know a few lawyers

This sh_t is getting rediculous lots of promises and none filled and no cost basies for last year or this year for weeks on end.

I will report INDIVIDUAL TAX LOT I.D.'s for 231,000 transactions on over 120 coins in 2021 – so can report HIFO basis.

So, it would be great if there was some additional comminication to outline whats giing in and when docs will be available.

Suspicion is too many of us making too many trades and too much data to dump out thru the interwebs.

We’re fuc_ked kids. But keeping fingers crossed they cone thru… will try to file with exchange PDF’s if i have to (prints 2350 pages orinted front and back) and send a package to IRS with CT’s final cost basis summary screens printed… and/or file extension to October.

Freaked out is right! But keep the faith and dont let them shake you out of your HODLING WALLETS!!!

Finally got my full cost basis for 2021 and downloaoded successfully a condensed 8949 and Sch D.

I took several and there was a round of docs that were missing transactions. But finally the latest download everything matches my CT Summary page from throughout the year.

These trades also foot correctly over to my individual exchange statements CSV downloads (4 different major exchanges used).

I trakced over 230,000 transactions for 2021 using CT and reported out to the IRS without much issue!!



THE LESSON; PAY THE MAN ESTIMATED QUARTERLY, OTHERWISE SOME PENALTIES EAT INTO PROFITS. :relieved: (and wait till mid March to start trying to generate CT tax docs!)