Combining Transactions

Is there an easy way to combine transactions? For example, under BTC transactions, I have a “send” transaction going nowhere. And in my ATOM transactions, I have a “receive” transaction that came from nowhere. I tried to edit the ATOM transaction to include the BTC portion, but both still show up. I noticed they are timestamped slightly differently. Is there a way to link these two? Or do I have to manually enter them and then delete the “oddball”?

Hi @flyinxlt,

In this case you can delete the top transaction and edit the bottom one to include the 100 ATOM received.

So in the following case, is there a way to combine them?
If not, a great enhancement would be to select both by checking the two boxes on the left and then having a selection at the bottom of the screen that says “combine” or “merge” or something like that.

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Good point on the enhancement. For now, here’s how to combine them (following steps similar to those for an ICO).