Connecting your Casa account to CoinTracker

To add Casa transactions to CoinTracker manually:

  1. Head to your CoinTracker dashboard > Portfolio > ExchangesWallets
  2. From the Transactions dropdown menu, select Add Transaction
  3. If you wish, you may round up the amount (if deposited) or down (if withdrawn) to make it more difficult to correlate this transaction with an on-chain event
  4. Likewise, you may blur the hour or minute value of the transaction timestamp

To add an address from your Casa account manually:

  1. Head to your CoinTracker dashboard > Add Wallet
  2. From the wallet dropdown menu, select Public Address, then past in the public BTC address you wish to track.

To add your entire Casa account to CoinTracker, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account at Casa
  2. Select ‘Download Transaction History’ to get a full export of your transactions
  3. Since this export also includes your Testnet transactions, you’ll want to remove all transactions with Coin Type: TBTC
  4. We’d also recommend uploading your keysets separately - so they’re easier to track in CoinTracker - “Keyset Type: Phone”, “Keyset Type: Key Shield,” etc.
  5. When your CSV (or CSVs) are ready, you can upload them at CoinTracker.