Contract Transaction Becomes Voided After A Note

I have a contract Tx…

I wanted to add a note to the -200USDC

So I edited the USDC Tx
And added a note:

Added a note, clicked UPDATED
But then the Tx becomes void (and has no note)

And I have to enable it.

Any thoughts on this?
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


I found on the next pages three or four -200USDC entries with my notes…

Thanks for flagging this — we’re working on making inline commenting work without losing the original transaction & grouping.

Hey @Chandan can you confirm if the upgrade you are working would also fix this…

I have a Tx that CT does not recognise…

I have flagged these before, where it says its received from address X, when really, address X is where it is sent.

I would normally edit this, to add a note that I can identify the senders address and I would add in the note the senders address so in future if/when I do identify it I can clean it up.

What I realised is, that on the times when I do eventually find it then either add the API or import the CSV, CT automatically adjusts my TX and will add the sender to this Tx in CT.

…but if I have edited a Tx to add a note, it then IGNORES this Tx and creates a manual entry, which means if I add an API/CSV later, it wont automatically assign it to the Tx I shared above, as it will be manual.

Will the improvement you are creating mean that when I add a note, the record in CT will remain “active” so that CT can add to it itself?


We’re working on an update so that comments remain on the original transaction.