Cost basis assumed at $0, why?

From bottom to top:

  1. AVAX to qiAVAX → OK
  2. qiAVAX to AVAX → Why am I getting such a large capital gain? Why isn’t the previous cost basis used to figure out the actual cost basis instead of using zero?
  3. Same
  4. Same
  5. Back to qiAVAX → OK.

I went from AVAX to qiAVAX and back to AVAX and cointracker generated a large (erroneous) Captial Gain. No wonder why my short-term profits are so high if my transactions are accounted like that.

It doesn’t look like I can edit the cost basis on 2., only the proceeds, so I am pretty much stuck there. Is there any way to fix it? I can’t submit to the IRS like that or they’ll come knocking for a lot of money…

Is it a known bug? Any workaround?

I’m having the exact same issue. Trading into custom tokens shows the correct received cost basis on the right. But, when I trade out of them, their reported cost basis on the left now shows $0 and triggers a large capital gains event. It’s very annoying. It’s also for my AVAX wallet too. Not sure if I’m seeing it in other wallets

Same issue here, but for ETH tokens and Uniswap. Extremely annoying!

@Chandan - known issue? ETA for a fix?

i have the same issue on AVAX, any support here?