Cost basis comes and goes


I have this situation here:

For some reason it doesn’t pull the correct cost basis for BBOO, but shows as 0. If I try to manually edit, I can only edit proceeds and not cost basis.

I have tried a bit of everything, and the weirdest thing is that all of a sudden Cointracker pulled the correct numbers, both for BBOO and for the CAKE-LP, with the corresponding loss later on when I split my LP and they were worth less.

How can it be that they came and then disappeared again?

And how to fix it?


And now it’s back. I had waited for the yellow bar on top to disappear (the one saying things are being re-computed), and refreshed multiple times

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And gone again. Seems totally random

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Same, I literally spent hours fixing it. Then I find it happens again and again. On top of paying them a monthly fee.