Cost basis correct when bought, but wrong when sold

I can’t figure out why my cost basis for FLOKI went from ~$4591 when I bought it (correct), to ~$136 when I sold it (wrong, why’d it change?). B/c of this my gains are calculated way off. Please help.

Strangely, if I enter custom proceeds of $10,214.42 (which is what it seems like it calculated it as anyway, so should have no impact by me manually keying that in), then the gains seem to be calculated correctly.

Same problem with this - it is not a $786 gain. The proceeds were $786, but since the cost basis was $1233, then it should show a 1233-786 loss. Similar workaround as above works.

I’m starting to wonder if all my gains / losses everywhere are right or wrong!

How can nobody have responded to this? This seems like a serious problem unless I’m missing something. I’ll be overpaying my taxes vastly if this is an legitimate problem.

I’m not even confident on a workaround. Even if I disable all related transactions, my capital gains only go down about $100. That doesn’t match either the incorrect gain that’s shown, nor the correct gain. I have no idea what’s going on.