Cost basis editing

I have so many transactions that are completely wrong this year. I’ve had to “ignore” the originals and manually recreate the transactions. The original cost basis is there. When I get to the sell transactions (seen as “TRADE”) my cost basis is consistently viewed by CT as “$0”. And then I’m unable to edit these insanely incorrect cost bases. I’ve been using CT for years – absolutely unusable this year. I don’t mind that I’ve had to wade through thousands of transactions manually, but when I cant even edit the mistakes that CT is creating, I feel completely abandoned. So useless, so screwed.

I agree. Support has abandoned the loyal users of Cointracker. Very pitiful. @thomas @Chandan

Cost Basis was re-computing to completion within just a few minutes per edit for me earlier today, I was getting a lot done for the first time all year. But now it’s been stuck re-computing for hours, and I only made a $2 USD value minor edit. Maybe the fix that was shipped a few hours ago had the opposite effect on the problem? Sharing my perspective in case anyone from Cointracker is checking this in real time :sunglasses:

This has been happening for weeks. Cointracker is putting in fix, but only certain people are getting them, and then the fix is intermittent. For the past 2 days, I was recalculating in about 5-10 minutes. Today it is back to 3-4 hours.

Can confirm - worked much better for a couple of days, now back to being stuck at recalculating for hours