Cost basis error

I think there is an issue /bug with a manual transaction on my account where the cost basis of a new purchase is being used against the cost basis of an old sale of the same currency. The detail: 15 x EOS purchased on 5th August for £34.89. Those 15 EOS exchanged to USDT on 14th August. The cost basis for the exchange transaction was £34.89 which seems correct. However, on the 15th August I purchased 15 EOS for £41.94. The new transaction is recorded correctly but the cost basis of £41.89 has now also been applied to the disposal of 15 EOS the previous day. It should still be £34.89. The net result is that the Portfolio performance shows a 25% return on investment which is not the case at all. Editing proceeds from EOS sale or cost basis of USDT is not relevant so I don’t believe I can manually adjust this.

Hi @Tandara,

Could you please send a screenshot of the transaction in question to feedback [at] Additionally, please enable the debug account permission so we can take a look at your CoinTracker account and see what you are referring to.