Cost basis for ETH Incorrect in 'Tax Loss Harvesting'?

I’m cross posting this here, as I did not get any response in the main Support category, and this is time sensitive. I know other users have the same question, and we need to know the answer before 12/31, as after that point a Wash Sale to realize losses is no longer valid.

I just finished importing my wallets and only made a couple of updates to WETH/ETH related transactions. Looking at the ‘Tax-Loss Harvesting’, which I paid to add on, it shows my ETH cost basis as:
$6,179.15 per ETH

I’ll admit, I do not know much about how cost basis works, but is this even possible as a cost basis for ETH? The all time high for ETH is around $4,800 - is it possible to have a cost basis higher than the ATH?

My wallets mainly have activity with buying/selling NFTs for ETH, if that makes any difference.