Cost Basis in Portfolio Performance is Wildly Inaccurate

As the titles suggests, one of my holding’s balances are not showing correctly. My BTC is showing $112,999.80 per BTC, which is impossible!

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to correct this problem.

Thanks in advance!



I created a similar post very recently, my all-time unrealised returns all of a sudden have completely changed, and I realise now it’s because the cost basis on a bunch of my coins has changed drastically to what looks like very recent prices.

The only way I could tell was by previewing the “all assets” view (I don’t pay for portfolio tracking) and seeing that the two previewed coins have completely wrong cost basis.

Clearly something is broken on the platform, hopefully more people chime in with similar cases.


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Thanks for the reply. I hope they fix it soon, since I’m paying for a broken feature. I’ll contact customer support next, and see how responsive they are.

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Same, serious confusion and issues.

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Just one recent transaction and the cost basis of the entire portfolio is now wrong with cost basis at 0$. Is this a general bug?


Same thing happened to me. I bought some USDT on CBPro to send to another exchange. After I that everything imploded regarding my portfolio performance.

chiming in…me too!! It doesnt seem to be a rhyme or reason, thought maybe ONE of the api feeds was bad…nope, its all over the place…wildly innacurate cost/profit numbers…checked to be sure last in first out was still selected…Yup… hope they get it fixed soon!

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Same here - major issue!

Same here - suddenly wildly inaccurate numbers. How appalling is the lack of communication from Cointracker! They are a seriously shady company and I’m annoyed that they charge so much for such a buggy program. Their customer service is nothing but appalling.

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Many of my sold coins now show a cost basis of 0.00 showing profit even though I sold at loss.

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Just adding a +1 to this topic, the product doesn’t even do the basics

Just noticed this insanity on my Tax Loss Harvesting page.
I’m sure I can fix once I see the inaccurate transactions. Problem is that I don’t understand how to go through and find what’s causing this. I have years of Cointracker history and many thousands of transactions. If anyone figures out a way to sort for this please share.

any update here how to contact customer support?