Cost basis not recalculating

Raising for awareness: once every N edits Cointracker stops recalculating cost basis. The only solution I found is to wait for a while (no set time, seems to vary every time), then make a new edit to one of the transactions to prompt a new recalculation.

This dramatically slows down the process of editing thousands of transactions that I have to review post the new update (that and also adjusting gas for each transaction since by default all transactions reflect “0 ETH” outgoing and don’t account for ETH spent on gas).

Any comments from the team on this?

Stuck all day

Seriously, is there a number of max calls / recalculations per day? At some point cointracker just becomes unresponsive, there isn’t even a “Cost basis being recalculated” message at the top anymore.

BTW, sitting here going through my TXns on a Saturday night - thanks for the new accounting engine @chandan