Cost basis vs net deposits - explain a strange difference, please

I’ve got a small KNC holding (about 3,600). I’ve never sold any and I’ve received almost all of them by trading BTC or ETH (2 KNC were airdropped in the original launch, a handful more have been received as interest via Celsius). Yet the cost basis and net deposit fields are wildly different. Surely they should be pretty much identical in these circumstances?

I’ve downloaded the transactions as a CSV. The quantities traded/transferred add-up correctly and my summation of the received USD cost basis is the same as the front-end’s result.

What else should I look for, before calling on @Chandan ? :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you have done the right things! Just to confirm, are all of the coins showing KNC transactions with the KNC logo (or do some of them appear logo-less)?

Please feel free to send a screenshot to feedback [at] for us to take a look at.

Hi @Chandan. You were supposed to wait until the community helped me! Oh well.

All have the logo, but I can’t check or send you a screenshot at the moment since the server seems to be having kittens:

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Sorry about the temporary outage — everything should be back :slight_smile: