Could not determine the value of this sale...error message

Synched all my wallets, looked really good until I spotted ‘you have 174 items requiring attention’. These mostly relate to not knowing the cost of a coin from a completed transaction (uniswap).

Now I have to manually adjust these, either adding fiat value or marking as a transfer, assuming I have to add the fiat value? Do I just take this from the etherscan transaction?

Is it possible to create a quick video showing how to actually perform this, or a detailed answer below would be most welcome.


We’re working on scaling the Liquidity pool support for these so that you don’t have to do anything. We’ll let you know once that is done.

Thanks Chandan, the coins that are causing me pain are Trustswap, Unilayer and FWT (Aubit).

Are you saying that upon adding these as liquidity pool pairs with eth, that the issue with the normal transaction issue, say eth for FWT for example, will then automatically recognise the coin value and remove the error above?

Your help is much appreciated, can see you are all somewhat busy at present.