Could not determine the value of this transaction

How did I fix the issue of “Could not determine the value of this transaction.” showing up? Is there a guide somewhere for this?

Hi @effex,

For long-tail ERC-20 tokens you’ll sometimes see this. It means we couldn’t detect a price history for this particular token on this particular date. To add a price history, you can edit the transaction using the dropdown next to the transaction and select a particular Cost Basis / Proceeds amount for the coin.

I am not seeing that option available for some uni swap transaction.

I am having this problem as well. There is no “cost basis/proceeds” amount option that I can see. Any other way to fix this?

I’ve had this problem for some time (months) for both the transaction error message and no option to manually edit cost basis. Cointracker, can you respond and confirm this is being dealt with? What is the timeframe for a fix?

We are working on both automatically supporting Uniswap v2 and editing multi-token transactions.

That is great, thank you!

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