Could you add support for these coins?

Hi, cointracker has done a good job so far but I have been dabbling in DeFi with lesser known tokens. I was wondering if not too much trouble you guys could add the following tokens to make my life easier lol. Thanks!

The following are from (KIF)
0x3516415161c478df10adbb8bb884cc83fbd5f11a (DEX token)
0x124c6092c469716A661b5B0609F205050b26b50f (kbasev0)

0x1e15abf152067e9fe4a48bbf094a71f5bb16325d (SFI)

Hi @jdcha,

There isn’t yet a robust data pipeline for price history on these coins, however you can still track them in CoinTracker using custom currencies.

You can add a custom currency for any coin that CoinTracker doesn’t natively support. To do so, navigate to the settings page and select " Edit " across from Custom Currencies: