Creating a separate portfolio?

Hello, hoping you can help me organize my account for the next tax year.

With my 2019/2020 tax year finished, I plan to leave my current portfolio for 12 months for potential CGT reductions.

If I wanted to make additional purchases in the new tax year & trade, can I in any way “partition” my account for FIFO purchases after 1/7/2020 and not effect the cost basis of my previous purchases?

I want to consider this year as a separate portfolio.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @mangolord,

What you can do is make your new purchases in a separately wallet/exchange and then change your settings to account for taxes “by wallet” instead of “universally.” Would that resolve your issue?

That might be a solution if I can open multiple accounts on a few exchanges with new API’s.

It might also then be better to open a 2nd Cointracking account to keep each portfolio clean rather than switching settings. Would you allow this with without a 2nd subscription purchase?

Thank you.

Hi @mangolord,

Ping us the email to feedback [at], let’s see what we can do.