Crypto assets dashboard broken


After entering all my transactions, I looked at my crypto assets dashboard and the balance showed is not the right one. For example, I entered a manual transaction representing a purchase of 0,067 BTC for 482 CAD $ in March 2020 and then, waited for the dashboard to synch but my overall BTC balance did not update. As of today, I don’t have any BTC but the balance which is showing is exactly the manual transaction entered in March 2020. Does it mean that coin tracker does not take into account my transaction from March in the cost basis calculus in 2020 because it thinks that I still own 0,067 BTC as of today? Technically, these BTC were exchange against altcoins as of today.

Note that I am new to cointracker this year and in order to take into account my previous cost basis of last year for each of my holding, I entered the cost basis of each one of them with the manual transaction feature but it seems that cointracker don’t take them into account in order to calculate my capital gain of 2020.


What did you use to exchange the BTC for altcoins 3 days ago? Is your dashboard showing the new altcoins? If you used an exchange or wallet that is not imported into cointracker you’ll need to manually add those entries too.