Crypto assets not showing accurate holdings of my coins

I can’t seem to figure out why when I go under Portfolio - Your assets I am missing holdings. Yet when I go to the wallet under the wallets section I can see the coins are there and that there is a balance?


Do you have a negative balance of the coin in any wallet (including your manually added transactions in Other transactions wallet)?

That’s the strange thing there is no negative balance anywhere in any wallet for this coin. The only thing that is different is the coin started as an airdrop. Not sure if that would have anything to do with it?

Is it a very small balance (small balances are hidden on the dashboard but still show up on the performance page)?

It doesn’t show up on the performance page either. It’s 25.8864475 BAT which is $16.76.

Got it, could you please send us a screenshot of the issue directly?

Having the same issue here. Not on performance or dashboard pages. Wallet page is correct.

I am having same problem. portfolio value on dashboard is $1832 less than the sum of all my wallet balances

Screenshots where sent but no support tickets are being answered at all. I have other thing I sent directly and tickets even older then this one that have been waiting 60 days and no response. Is anyone able to responded?

When under wallets it shows balance. But under performance nothing appears for BAT.

BAT Missing from assets.

I am going to try transferring the BAT to an exchange to see if it picks it up in balances or not if it’s on an exchange.

Sorry for the late response. Fees are high on the Ethereum network. So I took a hit of losing 30% of my BAT by moving it. I initially underpaid and my transaction never went through. I wanted to sell it regardless so I moved from my wallet to an exchange as an experiment.

Here is what happened. Under Kucoin it is showing I have a balance, But under assets it still is missing and will not show.

I want to also point out this is happening with USDC token. I moved some money from my bank into USDC. It shows that I have USDC in coinbase wallet at cointracker. But under assets it’s missing.

I also want to point out that 10 days later the USDC now shows up under assets. So we will never know if the issue with BAT was fixed. I assume this was effecting other tokens as well so maybe it is fixed now.

Was this issue ever resolved? I have the exact same thing where if I hover over the “I” icon in the transactions list it accurately shows how much of the asset I have, but when I want to review it in my dashboard or on the performance page, it shows no holdings. Extremely frustrating from a service I pay for!

What is the disposition on this issue? I am having the same problem. USD shows up in Wallet but not in Dashboard assets.

Still have the issue and have not yet been contacted with how to fix it!

No the issue never got resolved. But it only effected certain coins that I no longer own.
As far as BTC, ETH, PAXG, LINK, SNX, AVVE, XRP, COMP. I been buying and selling these fine and it shows up in the assets.

I know have a new issue though. Instead of something missing on assets, I have something stuck on assets that should not be there. GUSD. I have never had a dollar balance stuck like this before. When I do a bank transfer and withdraw GUSD from the exchange it normally zeros out and nothing should be in my assets. Only this time I did a Wire withdraw to my bank. It is even showing sent Gemini USD as a withdraw. But for some reason the balance stays.

How do we get more attention to this issue? I have submitted email issue reports as well as posted here, and have received zero feedback in over a month! As a paying subscriber to this service, I’d expect it to be able to at least accurately track the assets that I HAVE MANUALLY HAD TO ENTER! For example: I have a substantial amount of ATOM stored in an Exodus wallet. I have had to manually enter those transactions. When looking at the “Transactions” page, filtering down to that Exodus wallet, and hovering over the “i” icon on my most recent transaction, the correct ATOM asset amount is shown. However, when looking at the Dashboard screen, it doesn’t show any holdings of ATOM. But, even though it doesn’t show I hold any of the asset, the unrealized gain column DOES reflect the asset amount that I actually have! So right now the dashboard shows I hold 0 ATOM, the transaction page shows I do (and it shows the correct amount) and the unrealized gain column on the dashboard screen shows an approx. 98% loss on the asset because it’s calculating incorrectly!

PLEASE provide feedback to this. I’m disappointed in paying for a service that this seemingly simple issue has gone unresolved for myself and others for months on end. I would like to continue using CoinTracker, but find it hard to want to pay for a service that is incorrect and that won’t reply to issues

Thank you.